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Marketing Help for Companies in Farmers Branch

  With Adbongo, Inc.`s recent move to Farmers Branch, Texas, we have
  been pleased to discover the fact that this community is committed to
  the greening process. Our mission matches the Farmers Branch "Be
  Green" initiatives like Jackie O's Chanel and pearls. Our mission is
  to grow entities which are benefitting the health of the earth or
  humanity, and the city of Farmers Branch is growing the list of
  initiatives they have put in place in order to take care of our local
  patch of planet.

  Such city initiatives include: installing solar powered school zone
  flashing lights, specifying the most fuel efficient engines for the
  class of vehicle to be purchased, increasing recycling bins in certain
  areas, stocking composting bins for residents to purchase, among many
  others. Adbongo, Inc. thanks the City of Farmers Branch for these
  environmental initiatives, and we encourage the city to commit more
  resources to these kinds of efforts in the future. Adbongo, Inc.
  happily lends our support to the city on behalf of the environment.

  Additionally, we extend our services to all businesses which are
  bringing benefits to the earth and to humanity. Adbongo is an organic
  business consulting firm in the business of growing profits, nurturing
  image and promoting long-term success. To learn more or to schedule a
  consultation, see our website:

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