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Organic Business Consulting

Organic business consulting differentiates the Adbongo flavor of cause marketing in that most of the real help we offer to our good-cause-clients is rooted below the surface, out of the spotlight. Our process allows us to provide real, meaningful help as opposed to fluffy PR and brownie points on the reputation index. Our clients naturally look good in the public eye because they are full-time servants. Beyond promoting the right image for our clients, we promote the long-term success of their companies so that they will be able to continue to serve for as long as they want to.

In practical terms, our organic business consulting process removes the rigidity of business-by-numbers. Instead, our process incorporates a flexibility which allows natural, organic and sustainable growth of our clients’ companies. For example, we streamline teams for each project rather than paying salaries for an army of cubicle-dwellers whose talents are only sometimes needed. By tailoring teams, we keep overhead low and prices affordable for clients with missions we believe in but whose piggy banks may only be half full. We also devised a highly flexible pricing structure which allows us to include clients at virtually all budget levels. As we grow our clients’ businesses, all elements evolve and change with them: teams expand and services are added.

Cause marketing specialists driven by our natural, flexible process, Adbongo represents the permaculture approach to business consulting.

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