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Advanced Thermal Conversion Plants

Primarily a renewable energy infrastructure development company,  Green Ox
Energy and its alliances with Adbongo, Inc and  Energy-Inc,  designs,
constructs, and manages Advanced Thermal Conversion Technology (ATCT) plants.
Our team works together to organically grow sustainable, cause-driven businesses
or governments, by using the kind of high tier initiatives previously only
accessible to those entities with deep pockets and fat checkbooks.  It is our
mission to assist governments in obtaining energy security, environmental
sustainability, and economic security in public and private partnerships that
supply clean, reliable and affordable energy technologies to the marketplace and
improve energy efficiency and productivity.   Our focus is on cause based
programs (recycle program), renewable energy and waste management solutions –
that in effect, allows for energy security to be achievable and fossil fuel
independence a future reality. 

2626 Valley View Lane Ste 3
Dallas, Texas 75234
0. 214.432.0672

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