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Common issues with start ups businesses

To explain what we will do, it’s important that we address the common issue we encounter when assisting a start-up business.  Often when starting a business owners will immediately purchase items of which they understand the value.  We classify these as wants:

Wants (Examples)

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Office Furniture

While we excel at the development of these materials (wants), according to standard marketing best practices the “want’ categories will be more effective if managed along with what we classify as needs:

Needs (Examples)

  • Market Research
  • Communication Strategy
  • A Marketing Plan

Wants, Needs, and Desires

(Know the difference, and you are ahead of the curve)

Without needs the wants will not be driven by strategy based on research.  Desires will be more expensive and take longer to achieve.   With no roadmap (plan), often we see these fledgling companies running in circles.  Developing a business without the core principles of acquiring the business (needs) results in years of lost revenue, time, and wasted cash allocated to production materials that do not sell as well as they could.

Desires (Examples)

  • Generate Revenue
  • Make a difference
  • Fill gaps made by the current banking system

Finally we have desires.  These are long term goals all parties can agree on from the get go.  Developing both wants and needs with order and structure will help us attain the desires that made us start something in the first place.  All three components: wants, needs, and desires managed by us on our clients behalf is where we provide the quickest ROI.

“Adbongo listened to what I wanted to do and has been implementing phases of development with order, structure and professionalism.  I believe that Adbongo has saved me two years of development time and several thousands of dollars.”  – Pat Diccico, President, Accessible Home Design

Best wishes, John

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Chief Marketing Officer
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