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Organic Business Development is Permaculture


Permaculture combines three key components. You can apply these to a garden, your life, or

your business:

1. An ethical framework

Get a cause if you don't have one already, there is clear data indicating this is the most viable business approach.

2. An understanding of how nature works

Permaculture principles whittle it down to an understandable framework.  Example:  A niche is essential both in marketing and in nature.

3. A design approach

Artists should be valued as much or more than lawyers and doctors.  They are the only ones creative enough to get us out of this mess. 

Designing your business according to natural principles and with an ethical framework (cause) will

accommodate the triple P bottom line and create a sustainable structure for your business. 

Triple bottom line:

1. People

2. Planet

3. Profit

Remember if your business isn't sustainable, it is temporary.  

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