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Susan Stageman, Neuro Linguistic Programming (Tongue Fu)


How NLP Can Help You Maintain Stability, Clarity and Sanity During the Pandemic

It seems that news goes from bad to  worse. Almost everyone is caught up in the flood of crisis that has led  us to be anxiety-ridden, depressed, and sometimes, lethargic. The  catastrophic change in our lifestyle has led to widespread fear. Fear  narrows our field of vision. It gets easier and easier to get trapped  into negative states of mind that can eventually lead to hopelessness  and helplessness.  It becomes harder and harder to focus on what is  important and harder to see the big picture. Our perspective gets  smaller and we have less motivation to connect with others, avoid doing  what needs to be done and see the bright side of things. It all starts  with changing your state of mind. Using the tools of NLP can help you do  just that.

NLP provides tools to help you focus,  connect with others even when you six feet apart, and manage your  emotional state so you can get things done. You get things done and move  forward because you feel good about yourself even though it may seem  like the world is falling apart. You cannot change what is going on  around you but you can learn the skills and resources to control and  change what goes on inside of you. You have always had this ability. It  is more important right now that you apply your skills to survive and  thrive. Here is a list of simple tools you can learn how to use in class  or in coaching that will set you back on track: Outcome questions,  anchoring, dissociation, swishes, reframing, releasing emotional  enmeshment to name a few out of 100’s of processes. More importantly,  you learn how to use your brain in a systematic way so that you find it  easier to manage your emotions even in the worse of times. Call or email  today! to discover the best way for you to get on with your life and  feel good about your direction! Call the number at the top of the page  or email us at Get out of stuck and back  on track! All sessions and classes are remote, virtually safe!

Susan Stageman, President, and  Principal Master Trainer is Certified through the Society of  Neurolinguistic Programming, the oldest certifying organization in NLP.   She has been teaching NLP skills to small business owners, project  managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals since 1989.

NLP Training Concepts offers the MOST  comprehensive NLP Certification training programs available today.  NLP  is taught as a system for understanding the patterns of human success  and helps clients acquire those patterns. These valuable skills for  personal and professional development are taught in a way to guarantee  the participant will use them naturally and with integrity.

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