We are not  a traditional advertising agency.

A more accurate description would be: “Advocacy Firm”. Why?  Traditional advertising agencies cater to large clientele that already have big budgets, and our capabilities are much broader.  These  firms often claim to want to make a difference in the world, though they are often only willing to take on  clients who will pay their astronomical fees.   How much good have these agencies actually done for companies that don’t already have a 200 million dollar advertising budget?  What happens to the new or small businesses with wildly innovative, incredibly important ideas which don’t yet have the strings of zeros necessary to hire top firms?   They need a leaner, grassroots approach.

In the past, they’ve simply been neglected.  Now, Adbongo has stepped in to offer to small businesses the cohesive marketing strategy and organization typically reserved for large corporations.  Whether you need a custom sign produced in our wood shop, branding, marketing and advertising for a new product, film or website production, or help structuring a business, we can help, in English or in Spanish!


Simply giving these companies access to top notch methodologies is not enough.  Because small businesses haven’t typically been exposed to high level brand initiatives, they often don’t know what they’re missing.  Due to our interaction with these companies over the past few years, Adbongo now recognizes the need for education as an essential first step when meeting potential new clients.

The marketing education we provide during our free initial consultation lays the foundation for our clients’ successful business ventures.  Before this happens we recommend familiarizing yourself with the common sense, best practices we will implement on your behalf.

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