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The Sustainable Business ACCELERATOR

Adbongo Inc. is a sustainable business incubator composed of organic business consultants with various proficiencies ranging from marketing and branding, to legal, finance, and operational structure.  Get a team of executives to develop your cause for the price of one full time salary!

Dallas, Texas is the current headquarters for the pioneers of organic business consulting!  Adbongo Inc. offers high tier initiatives to causes with products, ideas, or services that will benefit the planet and it’s inhabitants.  From business plans to brand identity and everything in between, this firm is the one-stop rocket booster your cause venture needs.

Adbongo, Drumming up business for your cause!

Baba John

Chief Marketing Officer
2626 Valley View Lane Ste 3
Dallas, Texas 75234

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Need help orchestrating your symphony?

Hey friend, check out this new form I just made with Wufoo!

John Patrick Bush

Chief Marketing Officer
2626 Valley View Lane Ste 3
Dallas, Texas 75234
0. 214.432.0672

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Organic Business Consulting

Organic business consulting differentiates the Adbongo flavor of cause marketing in that most of the real help we offer to our good-cause-clients is rooted below the surface, out of the spotlight. Our process allows us to provide real, meaningful help as opposed to fluffy PR and brownie points on the reputation index. Our clients naturally look good in the public eye because they are full-time servants. Beyond promoting the right image for our clients, we promote the long-term success of their companies so that they will be able to continue to serve for as long as they want to.

In practical terms, our organic business consulting process removes the rigidity of business-by-numbers. Instead, our process incorporates a flexibility which allows natural, organic and sustainable growth of our clients’ companies. For example, we streamline teams for each project rather than paying salaries for an army of cubicle-dwellers whose talents are only sometimes needed. By tailoring teams, we keep overhead low and prices affordable for clients with missions we believe in but whose piggy banks may only be half full. We also devised a highly flexible pricing structure which allows us to include clients at virtually all budget levels. As we grow our clients’ businesses, all elements evolve and change with them: teams expand and services are added.

Cause marketing specialists driven by our natural, flexible process, Adbongo represents the permaculture approach to business consulting.

Kimbriel Dean

Writer & Editor
Adbongo Incorporated
2626 Valley View Lane
Dallas, Texas 75234

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Marketing Help for Companies in Farmers Branch

  With Adbongo, Inc.`s recent move to Farmers Branch, Texas, we have
  been pleased to discover the fact that this community is committed to
  the greening process. Our mission matches the Farmers Branch "Be
  Green" initiatives like Jackie O's Chanel and pearls. Our mission is
  to grow entities which are benefitting the health of the earth or
  humanity, and the city of Farmers Branch is growing the list of
  initiatives they have put in place in order to take care of our local
  patch of planet.

  Such city initiatives include: installing solar powered school zone
  flashing lights, specifying the most fuel efficient engines for the
  class of vehicle to be purchased, increasing recycling bins in certain
  areas, stocking composting bins for residents to purchase, among many
  others. Adbongo, Inc. thanks the City of Farmers Branch for these
  environmental initiatives, and we encourage the city to commit more
  resources to these kinds of efforts in the future. Adbongo, Inc.
  happily lends our support to the city on behalf of the environment.

  Additionally, we extend our services to all businesses which are
  bringing benefits to the earth and to humanity. Adbongo is an organic
  business consulting firm in the business of growing profits, nurturing
  image and promoting long-term success. To learn more or to schedule a
  consultation, see our website:

John Patrick Bush

Chief Marketing Officer
2626 Valley View Lane Ste 3
Dallas, Texas 75234
0. 214.432.0672

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How to brand your idea

Organic business consultant and pioneer of the new economy: John Bushe’ describes the universal process used by ad agencies throughout the world to brand all the household names in existence. Though extremely simplistic this high tier marketing approach is relatively unknown to budding entrepreneurs who spend many years of trial and error learning the hard way. If large agencies spent their resources applying their (this) process to small businesses with products, ideas, or services that benefit humanity, the worlds economic climate would be vastly improved.

The Universal Process

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Last Minute Filing Tips: Don’t miss the deadline

If you have a balance due and don’t file a tax return by April 15, you face interest on the unpaid taxes as well as a failure-to-file penalty. Interest and penalties are added to your balance due. If you can’t file by the deadline, request an extension of time to file (see below).

If you file on time or request an extension but don’t pay all or some of the balance due by the deadline, you will incur interest on the unpaid amount and a failure-to-pay penalty. If you can’t pay the full amount, you should pay as much as possible by the deadline to minimize interest and penalties.

Get Recovery tax breaksLast year’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created a full slate of tax breaks, which can be claimed on tax returns right now. These include:

—The Homebuyer Credit

—Making Work Pay Credit

—American Opportunity Credit

—Home Energy Credit

—New Car Tax and Fee Deduction

(You can get information on these and other Recovery credits at

File electronically – Most tax returns are now filed electronically – either from home using purchased tax software, by a tax professional or through Free File. Small and large businesses that have a bookkeeper who is also skilled at tax preparation can easily use these systems.  My strongest recommendation is to obtain a bookkeeper who will manage your books through the year and help you stay in compliance, but, if you find yourself still needing to file 2 days before the deadline these tips are helpful.

—E-file is accurate: Most available tax preparation programs check for errors and missing information, reducing the chances of delayed refunds or follow-up correspondence from the IRS.

—E-file is fast: With most tax software, you can file a state tax return at the same time you file your federal return. Once a return is accepted for processing, the IRS electronically acknowledges receipt of the return. And refunds take only about half the time of a paper return. If you choose direct deposit, you will get your refund in even less time.

Whether you file electronically or on paper, your refund can be automatically deposited into the bank or financial account of your choosing. Direct deposit is faster than a paper check. If you e-file and use direct deposit, you will receive your refund even faster. Direct deposit also is more secure than a paper check since a direct deposit goes directly into your account and cannot be lost in the mail or stolen.

Request an Extension of Time to File – If you can’t meet the April 15 filing deadline, get an automatic six-month extension of time to file by filing Form 4868, Automatic Extension of Time to File. The form needs to be submitted by April 15.

There are several ways you can request an extension, including Free File or Free File Fillable Forms, through your tax professional, with tax software you installed on your computer or on paper.

An extension pushes your filing deadline back to Oct. 15. However, an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay. If you owe taxes, you need to pay at the time you file the extension or face a non-payment penalty.

Help is available – As a certified tax preparer and bookkeeper I am available to speak with you about your taxes and create a plan and system for the 2010 year to ensure that you do not face penalties next year.

Please feel free to contact me at

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social media short & tweet

This is a great graph we got off an online seminar.   For those of you who are visual learners, this picture is worth a thousand words.   Hope you get out of it what we did.  Thank you @twibes!

sign up for the best social bookmarking sites:

Top book-marking sites

send out content (press releases, etc) from

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What the *#$% does Adbongo mean?

Ad’bĹŹng’gĹŤ: The “Ad” is short for our core competency:  Advocacy, but what about the bongo?

Imagine four bands. All four are composed of the typical members: a bass guitarist, lead guitarist, drummer, and a singer. As most bands will attest, standing out from the crowd is tough with all the competition out there. The first three groups struggle, the fourth band doesn’t have that problem. They have a secret weapon, their drummer plays the bongo’s. The first three drummers are using complex, beautiful, and often expensive music machines. The bongo player draws a lot more attention, with much less effort. By utilizing time honored, simple, and proven instruments, we help your innovative products, services, or ideas stand out from the clutter.

We seek responsible brands that will serve the new economy, our community, and humanity in general. Whatever resources you need, you can get them here, starting with education. We are an agency that’s here to provide you what you need without the smoke and mirrors, bells and whistles, or the hefty price tag usually associated with the full spectrum of services we provide.