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What the *#$% does Adbongo mean?

Ad’bŏng’gō: The “Ad” is short for our core competency:  Advocacy, but what about the bongo?

Imagine four bands. All four are composed of the typical members: a bass guitarist, lead guitarist, drummer, and a singer. As most bands will attest, standing out from the crowd is tough with all the competition out there. The first three groups struggle, the fourth band doesn’t have that problem. They have a secret weapon, their drummer plays the bongo’s. The first three drummers are using complex, beautiful, and often expensive music machines. The bongo player draws a lot more attention, with much less effort. By utilizing time honored, simple, and proven instruments, we help your innovative products, services, or ideas stand out from the clutter.

We seek responsible brands that will serve the new economy, our community, and humanity in general. Whatever resources you need, you can get them here, starting with education. We are an agency that’s here to provide you what you need without the smoke and mirrors, bells and whistles, or the hefty price tag usually associated with the full spectrum of services we provide.