Nature Based Ministry

Our nature-based ministry is in development.


So I am starting a nature based ministry with my soul tribe while I am knocking out law school. My wizard resume is pretty decent. In addition to being a master mason, here are some of my spiritual credentials:

Ifa – Initiated by Philip Neimark, Fasola (Ancestral Pride Temple),

and personally mentored by Awo Falokun

Meditation – “May all beings be happy.” -Goenka (Buddha)

Kundalini YogaYogi Bhajan

NAAD – Certified by Hari Ram Kirtan & Sat Kirtan

– Planetary White Tantra – Samael Aun Weor

Permaculture – Certified by Geoff Lawton

The temple shall henceforth be called: Ile Ase Ajagunmale. The name was given by Ancestral Pride Temple head priest Fasola Babatunde in Ota, Nigeria.

All of June to July 14th, we will have a “barn raising” for the yurt temple at “Babawood” in East Texas. Let me know if you want to come to East Texas and help with that.

We will be camping, and doing ceremonies, and the weekend of the 14th Awo Falokun will come out and do the 91 prayer cycle workshop, Egungun Masquerade, and Initiations.