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LinkedIn Reports 21-Fold Surge in ChatGPT-Related Job Postings #JobMarketExplodes

Follow on Discord: Summary: Job boards LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed are experiencing a surge in AI-related job …

LinkedIn Reports 21-Fold Surge in ChatGPT-Related Job Postings #JobMarketExplodes
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Free Growth Kit

Why should your startup join the Startup America Partnership? The Startup America Partnership is a national community dedicated to the success of American startups.

Startup America’s goal is to support the national startup community of passionate founders,

investors, mentors and executives working to help founders recruit the best teams, acquire

customers and attract investors. Together we build relationships, create opportunities and share

knowledge to help startups succeed. Join the national startup community here:


Free Growth Kit


It’s free to join and our members gain access to:


1. A network of local and national relationships dedicated to helping you succeed

2. Unique opportunities and deals packaged to help your startup scale

3. Access to and advice from iconic entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders


Join today and start accessing unique opportunities, unmatched deals, and a growing community

of thousands of high growth-startups like Dwolla, WildFire, The Fresh Diet, and TourWrist, as well

as iconic founders like Steve Case, Reid Hoffman, Tory Burch and Michael Dell.

Thousands of startups focused on growth are members of Startup America… can you afford to

wait? Join now: Free Growth Kit

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How to brand your idea

Organic business consultant and pioneer of the new economy: John Bushe’ describes the universal process used by ad agencies throughout the world to brand all the household names in existence. Though extremely simplistic this high tier marketing approach is relatively unknown to budding entrepreneurs who spend many years of trial and error learning the hard way. If large agencies spent their resources applying their (this) process to small businesses with products, ideas, or services that benefit humanity, the worlds economic climate would be vastly improved.

The Universal Process