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Do you want a lean business model that will allow you to grow faster while having a greater impact on the planet and our community?  Companies like Apple, Sprint, and Toyota along with municipalities including Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Austin and Dallas, Texas are working towards zero waste. These million dollar operations all know that Zero Waste increases efficiency, lowers operational costs, and gives you a marketing edge.  This is where Brand Camp comes in.  Are you tired of the pain caused my survival and competition?  For the cost of a secretary we will give you a marketing plan based on uncontested market space, resources, and a team to execute.   Think of it as a sustainable “business in a box” for those investing in themselves or other entrepreneurs.   The process starts with research.

Market Research using student Resources

When I was studying at SMU’s prestigious Temerlin Advertising Institute, I learned the “big agency” process that is applied to the largest brands in the world by the largest agencies in the world. The methodology these agencies use has resulted in sales of millions of cheeseburgers, soda pop and gas-guzzling vehicles. At this time, Temerlin professors were teaching students how to apply the big agency process, and students were using this process to create outstanding ad campaigns for imaginary businesses.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if small, local businesses that need help but can’t afford the large ad agencies could use these university resources to acquire this process?”  Why shouldn’t we harness the students’ resources to boost the local economy instead of having their efforts wasted on imaginary companies? I realized that students developing ad campaigns under professors’ supervision hold the potential to save small businesses thousands, and more importantly, to catapult their growth.

The Offer

I am happy to report that years after I originally had this idea, it is finally came to life.  After a successful Spring semester, we have been invited to for a second season.   We have slots for five businesses-of which yours can be one- to take advantage of the services offered by students and professors in the Fall Semester 2013 Mass Communication Research course at University of North Texas’ (UNT) Mayborn School of Journalism. One of my former sages, Professor Noble, will be overseeing the class.  I experienced Professor Noble’s curriculum while we were both at SMU in 2005.

The next 5 businesses to contract with Adbongo to plan their 2013 marketing budget will also be enrolled in “Brand Camp”: FREE added value under Professor Noble’s guidance.  For each company that wins a slot in this pilot program, the value of the market research provided through UNT alone is estimated at $20,000-50,000. However, the university is not giving your company or Adbongo free help. We have to donate $10,000 to UNT. Otherwise, a company like Frito Lay will benefit from the students’ work.  Are you going to let that happen?  What do you think will be better for our community: your local, zero waste business or international giant, Frito Lay?

Here, Professor Noble gives an overview of the curriculum, as it stands to benefit the 5 selected businesses:

Ultimately, as we see it, here are your choices:

  • Hire a full time guy and pay annual salary, health care and retirement benefits. This person will likely have little or no resources to contribute and will have no understanding of your financial and emotional investment as an entrepreneur.
  • Hire an ad agency with massive overhead, expensive rates, and no guarantee because they simply cannot guarantee a marketing campaign for a product or service that is not sustainable.
  • Do it yourself and minimize efficiency, fail, and learn the hard way.
  • Hire us.  Get your very own, for-benefit, zero waste business accelerator along with a full ecosystem of resources that mimics nature. This option will provide you with value and momentum.  If you follow the ethics and principles of nature (permaculture), abide by what we agree on, and value the resources we provide without competing, our services are guaranteed.

“Ready, Aim, Fire.”

I first learned this process through SMU’s Temerlin School of Advertising.  Professional research (the “Ready” phase, aka brand camp) is perhaps the most important element in business development. If you were to have a $400,000,000 marketing budget, a traditional ad agency would first send your account to the research department. After helping small companies for many years and working in over 50 industries, I can tell you with absolute confidence that most of these businesses fail because they build a roof with no foundation.  Brand camp provides the solid foundation you need to support a sustainable business.

Professor Noble’s course is called “mass” communication research for a reason, -because students learn to get the message out BIG. For our six businesses, teams of five students will conduct quantitative and qualitative research to find out how to reach the markets that are wide open, the uncontested markets.   A team of five students, a professor, and the Adbongo team will all be working together to develop your best business development plan based on uncontested market space while catering to the needs of your community’s zero waste plan.

Following the research stage guided by Professor Noble, Adbongo will continue the process into the next phases of  “Aim and Fire” after the FALL semester.  Through this process, your business development plan (Aim phase) will be given the added advantage of our zero waste marketing edge.

  • “Ready” Deliverable:  Plansbook (Key Research Findings)
  •  “Aim” Deliverable:  Marketing Plan
  • “Fire” Deliverable:  Execution of plan, and management of marketing budget

Timeline for accelerator program: 1 year

Typically, growth stage companies allocate 15% of their operational budgets to marketing.  As part of our marketing contracts, Adbongo prefers to manage our clients’ marketing budgets, multiplying these investments exponentially through the varied proficiencies of our matrix of resource efficiency consultants.

The Guarantee

We guarantee to pay for ourselves by the end of a 1 year contract or will pay the difference.

Act now to enroll

When international brands execute strategy-based marketing campaigns, even the best campaigns only produce returns of 1-2%, because they are so large and they only have so much room to grow. In comparison, Adbongo’s best case study thus far grew 298% in one year, before we even had a university as a resource!

After our year-long contract is over, you may elect to continue with us managing your marketing plan and budget. Otherwise, at a fraction of the traditional cost, our HR director will be available to recruit your very own Director of Marketing to carry out the needs of the blue ocean marketing campaign we collaboratively design and execute.

Write me at or call 512.518.5444 to schedule a virtual consultation to discus our fee and the details of the contract.   First come, first served.  Brand camp starts FALL Semester 2013.

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